Mixed 301 Team

Division A
Rank Name City
1st Mandan Eagles Engelhard Bismarck
2nd Same Ole Bull Devils Lake
3rd Pop The Hood 3 Devils Lake
4th Trash Pandas Jamestown
Division B
Rank Name City
1st Bingo In The Basement Fargo
2nd Midway Lacher Williston
3rd Hansboro Bar Robert 3 Devils Lake
4th Alibi's Stern 2 Beulah
Division C
Rank Name City
1st Levi Is The Captain Now Williston
2nd Sports Den Who Tf Is Alice Williston
3rd Just Da Tips 3 Devils Lake
4th D.Lawrence & J.Jetty & K.Shaw & N.Joramo Devils Lake
5th - 6th Just Lucky Dickinson
5th - 6th Show Me Your Bulls Jamestown
Division D
Rank Name City
1st Scapegoat Kopp 3 Bismarck
2nd Idle Hour White 3 Devils Lake
3rd O'Brian's Tavern Hilgemann 3 Bismarck
4th Flight Club 3 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Midway Tavern Brendel 3 Bismarck
5th - 6th Some Shafts Hit Jamestown
7th - 8th Bison Sports Bar Holland 2 Beulah
7th - 8th Black Lions Fuchs 3 Bismarck
Division E
Rank Name City
1st Crap Shoot Bismarck
2nd Old Town Tavern Martin 2 Bismarck
3rd Weekend Forcast Williston
4th Win Or Booze Williston
5th - 6th Midway D.E.S.T. Williston
5th - 6th Midway Dean Williston
7th - 8th Black Widows Devils Lake
7th - 8th Old Town Tavern Rebel Bismarck
Division F
Rank Name City
1st K.Merrill & K.Merrill & J.Peterson & A.Turner Devils Lake
2nd The Big E-Z Williston
3rd Busters Williams Williston
4th Powerhouse Tip Touchers 3 Bismarck
5th - 6th Austins Bitches Devils Lake
5th - 6th Lang/Crimmins 3 Devils Lake
7th - 8th Last Chance Twisted Halliday
7th - 8th Northside Hauge Ray
Division G
Rank Name City
1st Pour Farm Hiller 3 Devils Lake
2nd Sports Den Byrom Williston
3rd I'D Hit That Dickinson
4th Jimmy's Lounge Danks 2 Beulah
5th - 6th Pour Decisions Tioga
5th - 6th Midway Tavern Hellwig Bismarck
7th - 8th What's The Point Dickinson
7th - 8th Huckin Darts Devils Lake
Division H
Rank Name City
1st River Run Schmidt 2 Beulah
2nd The Depot Schultz Steele
3rd Powerhouse Kaizer 3 Bismarck
4th Collateral Damage 3 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Main Bar Halvorson Bismarck
5th - 6th Tumbleweed Boehm Bismarck
7th - 8th Take It Eazy 3 Devils Lake
7th - 8th Cattails Melland Williston
Division I
Rank Name City
1st Dj's Tavern Feser 3 Bismarck
2nd Powerhouse Williams 2 Bismarck
3rd Bismarck Elks Wagner Bismarck
4th Dart Side Of The Moon 3 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Sports Den Nickoloff Williston
5th - 6th Pub 21 Over Achievers Bismarck
7th - 8th Team Jenige Williston
7th - 8th Lonesome Dove Kalash 2 Bismarck
Division J
Rank Name City
1st Last Call Bar Floor Darts #17 Bismarck
2nd Sports Den Weyrauch Williston
3rd Sports Den Matlak Williston
4th Center Transfers Beulah
5th - 6th Bismarck Moose Gieser 2 Bismarck
5th - 6th Powerhouse Schafer 2 Bismarck
Division K
Rank Name City
1st Powerhouse Stevens 3 Bismarck
2nd Lucky's Bar Carpenter Bismarck
3rd Elbow Room Mcleod 3 Bismarck
4th Slaters Laughridge Williston
5th - 6th Bismarck Elks Eastin Bismarck
5th - 6th Last Call Bar Schmalz 2 Bismarck