About Our Pool Tournaments

Playing a game of 8 ball pool has become a favorite past time for many people. Thousands more enjoy the game within the structure of leagues throughout North Dakota.

Over the years pool leagues have developed into some very different formats for different types of players. Some like the ability to get out of the house for an evening with friends and are content playing for the fun of it.

Others have developed their pool playing ability further and desire a chance to play against increasingly difficult competition.

Most league coordinators and all NDTA members conduct leagues for both types of players. There are leagues for entry level players and for the more advanced player. Following along the lines of the leagues run throughout North Dakota all NDTA pool tournaments are structured to provide fun for the beginner and a challenge for the more advanced.

While the game of soft-tip darts provides information to accurately determine the players' skill level, it isn't that easy for people playing in pool leagues.

Most leagues keep score for their leagues in wins and losses and the main way operators segregate players is to have similar skill levels throughout the entire league.

At all NDTA pool tournaments the beginning brackets contain all players for the event in either Open or Women's. As the more casual, or less accomplished players are eliminated from the main brackets they are automatically entered into a second chance bracket.

These second brackets are then called B or C brackets and reward winners with both cash and trophies.

This format for 8 ball pool provides a great opportunity to see how you measure up against the best in North Dakota. It also gives everyone a chance to play against people with roughly the same skill level.

If you have any questions about the NDTA pool tournaments or their format please contact the NDTA member in your area.