About The North Dakota
Tournament Association

The North Dakota Tournament Association held its first tournament in 1985 and incorporated under the laws of North Dakota three years later. From the beginning, dart and pool tournaments have been held each year to reward people that play in various league systems throughout the state. Today there are thousands of players each year that enter at least one NDTA sponsored event.
The current format of singles and team tournaments for both darts and pool allows people the maximum amount of playing time and opportunity to sharpen their skills against the best competition in North Dakota.
Each year NDTA sponsors two tournaments for soft tip darts and two for 8 ball pool. The dart tournaments are team and singles, doubles, and triples. For pool there is a singles and team tournament.
Locations for all NDTA tournaments are rotated across the state to provide easier access and increased participation.
Each tournament season thousands of people arrive in a North Dakota city to celebrate their sport and sharpen their skills against the best throwers and players in North Dakota.

During each of the four major NDTA tournaments tens of thousands of dollars in cash prizes are given to winners along with trophies to remember their triumph.
A popular misconception is that NDTA makes a profit from sponsoring the tournaments but nothing could be further from the truth.
Each member operator is required to send people to work each tournament. While their hotel rooms are provided free of charge by the host property all the other expenses associated with spending a weekend away from home are the responsibility of the worker or their company.
All NDTA tournaments have money added on to the player prize funds and the table or board quarters are used to rent the equipment and offset other tournament expenses.