Open Cricket Team

Division A
Rank Name City
1st Mandan Eagles Comedy Central Bismarck
2nd G Men 1 Devils Lake
3rd Horsemens Wallette 1 Devils Lake
4th Tys Pop The Hood 1 Devils Lake
Division B
Rank Name City
1st Horsemens Lunday Devils Lake
2nd Gunz N Bunz 1 Devils Lake
3rd Alibi's Borlaug Beulah
4th In Dart Shape 1 Devils Lake
Division C
Rank Name City
1st D.Parisien & B.Henry & B.Defender & T.Defender Devils Lake
2nd Bingo In The Basement Fargo
3rd Off In Church Dickinson
4th 7 Seas Bullsharks Bismarck
Division D
Rank Name City
1st Some Bulls Hit Jamestown
2nd Sports Page Kelsch Bismarck
3rd Midway Tavern Hofer Bismarck
4th What's The Point? Dickinson
Division E
Rank Name City
1st Headlocks Bar 1 Devils Lake
2nd Powerhouse 2Nout Bismarck
3rd Tumbleweed Tofsrud Bismarck
4th Bismarck Eagles Olson Bismarck
5th - 6th M.Lang & L.Presser & E.Crimmins & T.Klain Devils Lake
5th - 6th Midway Tavern Brendel Bismarck
Division F
Rank Name City
1st Weekend Forcast Williston
2nd Black Lions Opp Bismarck
3rd Pussy Control 1 Devils Lake
4th Mad Hatters 1 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Nok Back Scott 1 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Bismarck Moose Gensburg Bismarck
Division G
Rank Name City
1st Send It Allensworth Bismarck
2nd Powerhouse Franklin Bismarck
3rd Lucky's Bar Bulls Hitters Bismarck
4th Main Bar Schilling Bismarck
5th - 6th The Losers Devils Lake
5th - 6th Black Sands BD Darts Beulah
Division H
Rank Name City
1st Bullet Proof 1 Devils Lake
2nd Beer B4 Bullseyes Sathren 1 Devils Lake
3rd Horsemens Jerome 1 Devils Lake
4th Powerhouse Snyder Bismarck
5th - 6th Thirstys Dartaholics Anonymous 1 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Haugie's Heroes Dickinson
Division I
Rank Name City
1st Bruski's Lets Do This Devils Lake
2nd Elbow Room Miller Bismarck
3rd Last Call Bar Floor Darts #17 Bismarck
4th One Notch Out Manning
5th - 6th On The Rocks Williams 1 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Last Chance Twisted Halliday
Division J
Rank Name City
1st Just A Bit Tipsy Dickinson
2nd B.Klein & K.Reistad & C.Dailey & A.Burckhard Devils Lake
3rd Stage Stop Stud Farm Bismarck
4th The Spot Morin 1 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Lucky's Bar Kaufman Bismarck
5th - 6th The Stadium Sayler Bismarck
Division K
Rank Name City
1st The Big E-Z Williston
2nd Powerhouse Kaizer Bismarck
3rd Cheap Shots Horsley Bismarck
4th The Bearded Moose 1 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Bullseye Beavers Devils Lake
5th - 6th Bison Sports Bar Wahl Beulah
Division L
Rank Name City
1st Here For The Shit Show Devils Lake
2nd Rusted Rail Jangula Wilton
3rd Stage Stop Nichols Bismarck
4th Dj's Tavern Geiger Bismarck
Division M
Rank Name City
1st Powerhouse Geiger Bismarck
2nd H.Jacobs & J.Roberts & L.Samuels & G.Roberts Devils Lake
3rd Sidelines Wilson Bismarck
4th O'Brian's Tavern Schmidt Bismarck
Division N
Rank Name City
1st Powerhouse Vaughan Bismarck
2nd Old Town Tavern Korbyn Bismarck
3rd Lonesome Dove Harsche Bismarck
4th Team Jenige Williston
Division O
Rank Name City
1st Crossroads Tavern Projectile Dysfunction Bismarck
2nd Slaters Laughridge Williston
3rd Damn Those Darts Dickinson
4th Don'T Touch My Tips Dickinson