Mixed Triples

Place Team Name
1st Larissa Mckay/Nate Miller/Pat Cox
2nd Don Gunville/Jordan Gunville/Kayla Gillis
3rd Eddy Olson/Tera Olson/Randy Roesler
4th Grillers
5th - 6th Trestan Demarce/Nicole Demarce/Brent Greening
5th - 6th Shack Attack
7th - 8th Dion Beneke/Celeste Engelhard/Paul Engelhard
7th - 8th Steven Tracey/Bekki Atkins/Larry Rossland
9th - 12th 3 Good Legs
9th - 12th Chris Morris/Alicia Butterfield/Bruce Dutchuk
9th - 12th Jason Blue/Danelle Fox/Linus Wallette
9th - 12th Joel Cavanaugh/Kyle Strinden/Rose Bonano
13th - 16th Lucas Marcellais/Tyson Davis/Rhawnie Marcellais
13th - 16th Smooth Operators
13th - 16th Terry Linde/Courtney Blackcloud/Marcus Lawerence
13th - 16th What'S The Point
17th - 24th Desjarlais
17th - 24th Justin Casey/Holly Gustafson/Kevin Merrill
17th - 24th Longshots
17th - 24th Marshall Allery/Kylee Davis/Jonathan Desjarlais
17th - 24th Matula & The Shorts
17th - 24th Not Fat Just Furious
17th - 24th Ryan Delorme/Sonny Laducer/Gaylene Parisien
17th - 24th Scott Miller/Roanna Demarce/Steve Elfman
25th - 32nd 2 Pickles & A Plum
25th - 32nd Devin Bercier/Lowell Decoteau/Lenae Smith
25th - 32nd Julius Baker/Marcus Davis/Alyssa Davis
25th - 32nd Kari Evenson/Jamie Comeau/Joe Hensrud
25th - 32nd Pink Ladies
25th - 32nd Show Me Your Tips
25th - 32nd Timelords
25th - 32nd Wombats