Application For NDTA Team Pool

for players of Badlands Music - Dickinson

Below is an application for only players of Badlands Music in the Dickinson area. If you play for another operator, please click here to get back to list of operators to select correct application.

You will still have to contact the Badlands Music League Office to make payment for this tournament. Entry fee according to schedule below. NO APPLICATION WILL BE PROCESSED WITHOUT ENTRY FEE PLUS GREEN FEES.

Entry Fees: Open Scotch Doubles - $40.00 + $22.00 green fee. Team Events - $100.00 per team plus $105.00 green fee per team.

Sign up for Triples and Pro-Am will be on Saturday, Jan. 18th in Dickinson. No pre-applications taken online or through Badlands Music.


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Scotch Doubles (Thurs)
Open Team Pool (Fri)
Women's Team Pool (Fri)
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I, the above listed applicant/captain, do hereby promise to adhere to the rules of the North Dakota Tournament Association (NDTA) and also do believe to the best of my ability state that all members of my team are eligible to play in this tournament, with all members of said team have played the required five (5) matches during league play with the same operator of the NDTA. I (and all listed members of this team) also do hereby release all liability for any loss that may occur during this tournament to the NDTA, it’s operators and the host hotel.

Yes, I agree with the above statement