Women's Singles 301

Place Name Town
Division A
1st Courtney Blackcloud Spirit Lake
2nd Vanessa Page Mandan
3rd Shyanne Genre Towner
4th Steph Anderson Rugby
5th & 6th Mandy Bartlett Williston
5th & 6th Vicki Odegard Williston
7th & 8th Shelly Lacher Williston
7th & 8th Heather Hjelden Devils Lake
Division B
1st Brianna Hochhalter Hazen
2nd Courtney Nordhagen Williston
3rd Hennessy Rodriguez Dickinson
4th Alicia Butterfield Mandan
5th & 6th Tracy Corum Devils Lake
5th & 6th Britt Byrom Williston
7th & 8th Mary Kaufman Bismarck
7th & 8th Shonel McCloud Devils Lake
Division C
1st Mary Morin Minot
2nd Becky Wagner Hazen
3rd Falon Justice Williston
4th Heidi Urlacher Dickinson
5th & 6th Chaneen Bartole Bismarck
5th & 6th Pam Mercer Bismarck
7th & 8th Shawna Chilcoat Devils Lake
7th & 8th Lisa Bratcher Williston


Open Singles Cricket

Place Name Town
1st Wesley Hecker Dickinson
2nd Corey Pederson Towner
3rd Kully Gabel Dickinson
4th Jordan Stangler Dickinson
5th & 6th Kelly Ashley Williston
5th & 6th Denny Liebel II Bismarck
7th & 8th Josh Kirchoffner Dickinson
7th & 8th Dan McCabe Dickinson


Open Singles 501/Combo

Place Name Town
1st Chip Anderson Rugby
2nd Dion Beneke Bismarck
3rd Jamie Hoynes Bismarck
4th Steve Romey Dickinson
5th & 6th Pat Cox Devils Lake
5th & 6th Wayne Jahner Bismarck
7th & 8th Don Gunville Devils Lake
7th & 8th Christopher Scherr Dickinson


Open Singles 301

Place Name Town
Division C
1st Larry Rossland Williston
2nd Jay Cotto Williston
3rd Doug Fixen Williston
4th Stephanie Gillette Newtown
5th & 6th Travis Hennix Williston
5th & 6th Cory Kaufman Bismarck
7th & 8th Mark Donner Bismarck
7th & 8th Tim McCloud Devils Lake
Division D
1st James Brossart Rugby
2nd Cara Powell Mandan
3rd Heather Leier Minot
4th Corey Boechler Minot
5th & 6th Jesse Steiner Dickinson
5th & 6th Daniel Billings Williston
7th & 8th Brandon Combs Williston
7th & 8th Cam Liepke Williston
Division E
1st Levi Gawryluk Bismarck
2nd Jesse Frey Bismarck
3rd Cassidy Genre Towner
4th Shad May Williston
5th & 6th Robert Spencer Bismarck
5th & 6th Stephen Knopik Bismarck
7th & 8th Toby Messer Dickinson
7th & 8th Robbie Crowe Bismarck
9th-12th Ted Slater Williston
9th-12th Jeremy Berger Bismarck
9th-12th Chad Hogerson Williston
9th-12th Jarret Belstad Devils Lake
Division A is Open Singles 501/Combo, click here to see stats.

Mixed Triples

Place Name
1st P.Cox/M. Cox/N. Miller
2nd C. Desjarlais/M. Desjarlais/C. BlackCloud
3rd A.Miller/S. Miller/S. Solwey
4th J. Whitmer/T. Stahlecher/P. Wolf


Women's 301 Doubles

Place Name Town
Division A
1st Kelli Mabe/Vicki Odegard Williston
2nd Angel Gladue/Nikki Mori Belcourt
3rd Holly Gustfson/Katie Nichols Devils Lake
4th Lori Vanderwal/Vanessa Page Bismarck
Division B
1st Laurie Logie/Michelle Lundy Devils Lake
2nd Vernelle Spencer/Pam Mercer Bismarck
3rd Jana Decoteau/Wanda Vivier Devils Lake
4th Heidi Urlacher/Amanda Walker Dickinson
5th & 6th Dana Christensen/Andrea Crow Dickinson
5th & 6th LeeAnn Grondahl/Rochelle Hudson Devils Lake
7th & 8th Julie Martinson/Amy Jo Hoherz Minot
7th & 8th Cheryle Goodbird/Nicole Peltier Minot
Division C
1st Amber Carr/Julie Peabody Grassy Butte
2nd Angie Fagen/Becky Wagner Bismarck
3rd Steph Perkins/Kim Landis Dickinson
4th Lisa Starr/Daphne Hecker Dickinson


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