Open Singles 501/Combo

Division A
Place Name City
1st Jace Azure Belcourt
2nd Rory Kegley Williston
3rd Aaron Backer Jamestown
4th Ross Zaste Belcourt
5th & 6th Shelby Stern Bismarck
5th & 6th Steve Elfman Devils Lake
7th & 8th Scott Miller Devils Lake
7th & 8th Tim Goergen Devils Lake
Division B
Place Name City
1st Kyle Gosline Killdeer
2nd Steve Lewis Wolford
3rd Chris Magstadt Bismarck
4th Marc Kriegel Beulah
5th & 6th Matt Segovia Bismarck
5th & 6th Travis Stahlecker Jamestown
7th & 8th Shane Sandau Dickinson
7th & 8th Jay Cotton Williston

The NDTA is sponsored by the King of
Beers ---- Budweiser