Women's Singles 301

Division A
Place Name City
1st Kayla Gillis Devils Lake
2nd Mandy Billings Williston
3rd Vanessa Page Mandan
4th Samantha Rassier Spirit Lake
5th & 6th Janell Jerome Devils Lake
5th & 6th Courtney Biackcloud Devils Lake
7th & 8th Nikki Hoeger Devils Lake
7th & 8th Kari Charvat Bismarck
Division B
Place Name City
1st Cara Powell Mandan
2nd Deniese LeMasters Hazen
3rd Dez Slater Williston
4th Cheryle Goodbird Halliday
5th & 6th Melissa Weyrauch Williston
5th & 6th Rhonda Schaff Bismarck
Division C
Place Name City
1st Anna Demarce Fort Totten
2nd Jayme Diffely Underwood
3rd Julie Olson Williston
4th Kayla McWhorter Stanley
5th & 6th Jess Tuhy Devils Lake
5th & 6th Danielle Schaefer Bismarck
7th & 8th Shawna Chilcoat Devils Lake
7th & 8th Olivia Peterson Devils Lake
Division D
Place Name City
1st Melanie Strand Fargo
2nd Sarah Wolf Bismarck
3rd Jen Kuntz Dickinson
4th Angie Fagen Beulah
5th & 6th Lisa Desjarlais Devils Lake
5th & 6th Carrie Slater Williston


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