Women's 301 Doubles


Division A
Place Name City
1st L McKay/K Gillis Devils Lake
2nd B Duplessis/M Logie Devils Lake
3rd M Billings/S Lacher Williston
4th A Gladue/N Morin Belcourt
Division B
Place Name City
1st B Aman/C Powell Bismarck
2nd T Lee/T Wright Williston
3rd T Bentz/T Slater Williston
4th R Combs/K Bartlett Williston
5th & 6th K Charvat/K Luptak Bismarck
5th & 6th N/A Demarce Devils Lake
7th & 8th T Corum/j Jagger Devils Lake
7th & 8th S Chilcoat/O Peterson Devils Lake
Division C
Place Name City
1st S Palaniuk/K Fisk Belfield
2nd D Lemasters/A Fagen Hazen
3rd R Heinert/S Bloser New Town
4th J Tuhy/M Lundy D.Lake
5th & 6th L Bratcher/J Martinez Williston
5th & 6th T Thiel/C Miliken Devils Lake
Division D
Place Name City
1st T Heck/A Slaughter Dickinson
2nd L Stasny/J Ivesdal Mandan
3rd H Hutchinson/J Kirschoffer Manning
4th J Armitage/C Lynch Dunn Center


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