Mixed Doubles 301

Place Name Town
Division A
1st Steph/Chip Anderson Rugby
2nd Pat/Michelle Cox Devils Lake
3rd Charles/Fiona Desjarlais Devils Lake
4th Justin Keller/Tera Olson Bismarck
5th & 6th Joe Lafountain/Michella Delorme Belcourt
5th & 6th Dan/Tracy Corum Devils Lake
7th & 8th Jamie Hoynes/Becky Aman Bismarck
7th & 8th Tommy Banderwal/Page Vanessa Bismarck
Division B
1st Linda Chadduck/Justin Whitmer Jamestown
2nd Danny Chase/Heather Leier Minot
3rd Greg Dalby/Jen Peterson Minot
4th Scott Kohlman/Mona Parrish Williston
5th & 6th DJ/Shelly Lacher Williston
5th & 6th Chad Hultin/Tonya Steen Bismarck
7th & 8th Matt Villamor/Jamie Ferguson WIlliston
7th & 8th Lowell Decoteau/Tammy Parisien Devils Lake
Division C
1st Nate Page/Donna Dearton Bismarck
2nd Kyle/Brianna Hochhalter Bismarck
3rd Toby Delorme/Brittnee Foote Bismarck
4th Nick/Holly Gustafson Stanley
5th & 6th Jasy Cotton/Allison Natwick Williston
5th & 6th Dan/Jess Tuhy Devils Lake
7th & 8th Kevin Metcalf/Julie Martinson Devils Lake
7th & 8th Matt Steen/Renae Stover Bismarck
Division D
1st Corinne Schwindt/Wesley Hecker Dickinson
2nd Justin Studaker/Lee Ann Short Minot
3rd Larry Rossland/Mel Shellum Williston
4th Cory/Mary Kaufman Bismarck
5th & 6th Britt Byrom/Jamie Roller Williston
5th & 6th Shawn Mittleider/Heidi Bergland Bismarck
7th & 8th Bandy Poitra/Nicole Henry Devils Lake
7th & 8th Chris Boechler/Courtney Merrill Minot
Division E
1st Chris Haugen/Fawna Muma Dunn Center
2nd Daniel Coss/Jen Watson Williston
3rd Shad May/Terrie Slater Williston
4th Derek Horob/Ciara Walker Williston
5th & 6th Jim/Roxann Nagel Bismarck
5th & 6th Darren Schatz/Justice Falon Williston
7th & 8th Ryan Engle/Sue Butterfield Bismarck
7th & 8th Rory Koch/Courtney Nordhagen Williston
Division F
1st Cody Hammer/Shawna Chilcoat Minot
2nd Heidi Gunwall/Josh Kirchoffner Dickinson
3rd Stephanie Perkins/Jordan Stangler Dickinson
4th Shelby Bakken/Lynn Trotter Grassy Butte
5th & 6th Becky/Trevor Dressler Dickinson
5th & 6th Tiffany Dietz/Clint Fridley Dickinson
7th & 8th Candi/Al Pavlicek Dickinson
7th & 8th Rita Charnetzki/Ryan Beeter Devils Lake


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