Open Singles Pool B

Place Name Town
1st  Todd Friesz Mandan
2nd  Eric Azure Belcourt
3rd  Byron Faut Hazen
4th  Reuban Delacruz Grand Forks
5th & 6th  Mike Kaylor Devils Lake
5th & 6th  Jeremy Slater Williston
7th & 8th  Brian Azure Devils Lake
7th & 8th  Jeff Lundstrom Bismarck
9th-12th  Doug Casler Williston
9th-12th  Tim Faut Bismarck
9th-12th  Dan Fisher Bismarck
9th-12th  Wes Rasmussen Minot
13th-16th  Rolly Neuhalfen Minot
13th-16th  Leo Schmidt Bismarck
13th-16th  Mark Appelt Devils Lake
13th-16th  Warren Aaberg Williston


The NDTA is sponsored by the King of
Beers ---- Budweiser