NDTA Dart Championships

Electronic soft tip darts have been around since the late 1970's if not before. The popularity grew exponentially and soon there were leagues in just about every town throughout the Midwest.

From the 301 game of twenty years ago to the cricket and 501 games of today, electronic darts have become more sophisticated and the players more devout. Each year NDTA holds a plethora of dart championships for the state of North Dakota in two main tournaments.

The first tournament is the singles, doubles, and triples tournament with a team tournament held later in the year. Players from all over the state converge on a town to compete for cash prizes, trophies, and bragging rights. If you've never attended a NDTA state dart championship you are missing a great time and better party.

Each player competing in the NDTA Dart Championships is required to be a current league player for one of the NDTA sponsoring companies. If you want information about playing darts in a league in your area please contact the NDTA member closest to you. They will be happy to get you involved in league play and provide information about the state dart championships each year. Click Here for a list of Operators.

The NDTA Dart Championship Series is entering its third decade of providing a great platform to have some fun and throw some darts.

The NDTA is sponsored by the King of
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