Pro-Am Doubles

Place Name Town
1st Chip Anderson/Devin Bercier Rugby
2nd P. Cox/D. Logie Devils Lake
3rd Donald Jr/.Aaron Gunville  
4th Justin Prois/Scott Strom  

Women's Singles 301

Division A
Place Name Town
1st Vanessa Page Bismarck
2nd Courtney Blackcloud Devils Lake
3rd Janell Jerome Devils Lake
4th Kayla Gillis Devils Lake
5th & 6th Cara Powell Bismarck
5th & 6th Danielle Fox Bismarck
Division B
Place Name Town
1st Terrie Slater Williston
2nd Leah Wentz Rugby
3rd Alicia Butterfield Bismarck
4th Daniese LeMasters Bismarck
5th & 6th Michelle Lundy Devils Lake
5th & 6th Shonel McCloud Devils Lake
Division C
Place Name Town
1st Bessie Mongram Minot
2nd Andrea Demars Minot
3rd Lisa Desjarlais Devils Lake
4th Tammy Wright Williston
5th & 6th Ashleigh Heavy Gun Devils Lake
5th & 6th Renae Stover Bismarck
Division D
Place Name Town
1st Kari Charvat Mandan
2nd Carrie Turcotte Williston
3rd Lisa Foley Devils Lake
4th Brittney Beach Dickinson
5th & 6th Stacie Woodall Devils Lake
5th & 6th Shandi Poole Williston


Open Singles 501/Combo

Place Name Town
1st Chip Anderson Rugby
2nd Dion Beneke Bismarck
3rd Myron Engelhard Mandan
4th Wayne Jahner Bismarck
5th & 6th Craig Engelhard Mandan
5th & 6th Charles Desjarlais Belcourt
7th & 8th Jamie Hoynes Bismarck
7th & 8th Donald Jr. Gunville Bismarck

Open Singles Cricket

Place Name Town
1st Jason Zuchara Devils Lake
2nd Jon Hunts Along Halliday
3rd Matt Maguire Grand Forks
4th Mark Gunville Wolford
5th & 6th DJ Lacher Williston
5th & 6th Mike Smith Minot

 Open Singles 301

Division A
Place Name Town
1st Travis Laducer Jr. Devils Lake
2nd Brent Greening Devils Lake
3rd Steven Tracey Williston
4th Troy Johnson Williston
5th & 6th Karl Olsen Bismarck
5th & 6th Tim Goergen Devils Lake
7th & 8th Ray Belford  Devils Lake
7th & 8th Duke Logie  Devils Lake
Division B
Place Name Town
1st Ross Zaste Belcourt
2nd Marc Kriegel Beulah
3rd Joe Belgarde Devils Lake
4th Larry Rossland Williston
5th & 6th Justin Studaker Minot
5th & 6th Pat Kellum Jamestown
7th & 8th Greg Armitage Dickinson
7th & 8th Tyler Uhrig Bismarck
Division C
Place Name Town
1st Rory Kegley Williston
2nd Jordan Marquardt Underwood
3rd Daniel Billings Williston
4th Jerrid Morin Devils Lake
5th & 6th Shad May Williston
5th & 6th Lance Logie Devils Lake
7th & 8th Danny Davis Devils Lake
7th & 8th Gerald Lone Bear Bismarck
Division D
Place Name Town
1st Cody Davis Williston
2nd Kevin Merrill Minot
3rd Mark Desjarlais Sr. Devils Lake
4th Doren Schiele Devils Lake
5th & 6th Kody Dalby Unknown
5th & 6th Tyrel Schiele Devils Lake
7th & 8th Aaron Gunville Williston
7th & 8th David Bentz Williston
Division E
Place Name Town
1st Devin Bercier Rugby
2nd Cody Hammer Minot
3rd Lance Obrigewitch Bismarck
4th Shane Sandau Dickinson
5th & 6th Tammi Harpster Bismarck
5th & 6th Dylan Yoder Devils Lake
7th & 8th Danny Woodall Devils Lake
7th & 8th Melvin Beaks Dickinson
Division F
Place Name Town
1st Travis Hilsendeger Bismarck
2nd Darren Schatz Williston
3rd Jeremy Brandel Bismarck
4th Rocky Engle Bismarck
5th & 6th Levi Deschamp Devils Lake
5th & 6th Levi Lenoir Williston
7th & 8th Celestee Engelhard Mandan
7th & 8th Josh Ector Devils Lake
Division G
Place Name Town
1st Dewey Johnson Towner
2nd Cheryle Goodbird Halliday
3rd Wade Forsberg Williston
4th Doral Wallace Minot
5th & 6th Maverick Gronvold Devils Lake
5th & 6th Lacey Cole Bismarck
7th & 8th Brent Smith Williston
7th & 8th Frankie Burgard Devils Lake


Division A is Open Singles 501/Combo, click here to see stats.

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