Open Cricket Team


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Place Team Name City
Division A
1st Mandan Eagles Comedy Central Bismarck
2nd 3rd St. Chairman Of The Board Rugby
3rd Horseman's 3 Studs & A Dud Belcourt
4th Pitter Patter Devils Lake
Division B
1st Lotta's Money Shots Devils Lake
2nd Powerhouse Dwight Schaf Bismarck
3rd Chairmen Of The Board Dickinson
4th Longshots Smokin' Barrels I Hazen
Division C
1st Mike's Misfits Parshall
2nd Powerhouse T Engel Bismarck
3rd Rafter Bar Scum Towner
4th Wolfies Losers C Hoffman Hazen
Division D
1st Box's Bar Mike Holland Hazen
2nd Sports Page Darren Schmidt Bismarck
3rd Money In The Bank Dickinson
4th Rusted Rail Shootin' Blanks I Washburn
Division E
1st Hansboro Bar Hansboro
2nd Thirsty's McKay Devils Lake
3rd Dakota Lounge-Dak Rats Minot
4th Harbors Finest Washburn
Division F
1st Bismqrck Moose St.Peter Bismarck
2nd Bismarck Moose Quaschnick Bismarck
3rd I'M Batman Williston
4th Powerhouse Alex Stastny Bismarck
Division G
1st Aces-Pierson Minot
2nd Crush-N-It Stanley
3rd Korbys 3 Darts To The Wind Rock Lake
4th City Limits Tips And Shafts Kenmare
Division H
1st Midway Bentz Williston
2nd Pussy Control Granville
3rd Sports Page Campbell Bismarck
4th Scapegoat Andrew Dubiel Bismarck
Division I
1st Stage Stop Jeremy Brandle Bismarck
2nd Back 40 Bullies Leeds
3rd Crikety Crack Rolla
4th Last Call Bar Mike Teske Bismarck
Division J
1st Alibi's Voegele Hazen
2nd Nugget Sambucca Washburn
3rd The Flood Gates Dickinson
4th Sports Page Nick Roll Bismarck
Division K
1st Paddlewheel Flight School Devils Lake
2nd Lucky's Bar Joe Hall Bismarck
3rd Scapegoat Rocky Engle Bismarck
4th DJ's Tavern Tons Of Bull Meide Bismarck
Division L
1st Sports Den Dean Williston
2nd 3rd St. Tons & Roses Rugby
3rd Double-In-Stumble Out Parshall
4th Sports Den Nickoloff Williston
Division M
1st Landing Warner Minot
2nd Tt's And Beer Garrison
3rd Bootlegrz-Smith Minot
4th 4-Mile Elegantly Wasted Williston
Division N
1st Midway Jensen Williston
2nd Finishline Here 4 The Beer Velva
3rd I'd Hit That Dickinson
4th Sports Den Johnson Williston
Division O
1st Powerhouse Beauties & The Beast I Bismarck
2nd Stray Darts Dickinson
3rd Colonial Lounge Rockstars I Bismarck
4th Off In Church Dickinson




Mixed 301 Team


Place Team Name City
Division A
1st McKay/Gillis/Cox/Miller Devils Lake
2nd Mandan Eagles Backstreet Bulls Bismarck
3rd Last Call Bar L Short Bismarck
4th The Bullies Belcourt
Division B
1st Powerhouse Kari Magstadt Bismarck
2nd It Doesn't Matter III Dunseith
3rd Powerhouse Lfg Bismarck
4th Win Or Lose, We Booze! Belcourt
Division C
1st Smells Like Bulls Hit 3 Dickinson
2nd Dirty Penguins Ii Dunseith
3rd Horseman's Shooters C Belcourt
4th Midway Cfm's Williston
Division D
1st Mandan Eagles Butterfield Bismarck
2nd Crush-N-It Iii  
3rd Horsemsan's Delorme Belcourt
4th Sports Den Troy Johnson Williston
5th - 6th Projectile Dysfunction 3 Dickinson
5th - 6th Your Dad Shoulda Bulled Out Minot
7th - 8th Projectile Dysfunction Nortana Williston
7th - 8th Rafter Bar Scum Iii Towner
Division E
1st Midway Bentz Ii Williston
2nd Marv's Bar Weiners & Buns Iii Turtle Lake
3rd Wolfies Place Bornemann Bismarck
4th Midway Dave Slater Iii Williston
5th - 6th Landing Warner Ii Minot
5th - 6th Midway Tavern Voegele Bismarck
7th - 8th Scapegoat J Haff Bismarck
7th - 8th Scapegoat The Goat Pack Bismarck
Division F
1st Horseman’s Bros & Arrows Ii Belcourt
2nd 4-Mile Nice Williston
3rd Double In / Stumble Out Williston
4th 3rd St. Backstreet Bulls Rugby
5th - 6th Our Place Tavern Spencer Bismarck
5th - 6th The Shop Brunelle Williston
7th - 8th Dakota Lounge Chilcoat Iii Minot
7th - 8th Longshots Darts The Way I Like It Hazen
Division G
1st Broken Oar Dawn Hoff Bismarck
2nd Sidelines McMahan Bismarck
3rd Midway Jensen Iii Williston
4th The Drink Scott Hardy Bismarck
5th - 6th O'Brian's Tavern Shane Peterson Bismarck
5th - 6th Tumbleweed Wilson Bismarck
7th - 8th Finishline Here 4 The Beer Ii Velva
7th - 8th Nu Bar I Don't Know Jamestown
Division H
1st Lonesome Dove Foote Bismarck
2nd Powerhouse S Engel Bismarck
3rd Sports Den Duhone Iii Williston
4th Drunk Luck Ii Parshall
5th - 6th Cattails Melland Williston
5th - 6th DJ's Tavern Sarah Davis Bismarck
7th - 8th Ice Box-Peterson Minot
7th - 8th Nola's Lounge-Falcon Minot
Division I
1st Horseshoe Twete Ii Williston
2nd Scapegoat L Knoll Bismarck
3rd Lakeside Iszler Dawson
4th Almost Don't Count Minot
5th - 6th Main Bar Starr Bismarck
5th - 6th Rockin Horse Botkin Minot
7th - 8th Colonial Lounge Rockstars Ii Bismarck
7th - 8th Lucky Strike Monroe Iii Minot
Division J
1st Last Call Bar Alice Schmalz Bismarck
2nd 3 Hens And A Little Pecker Belcourt
3rd Aces-Berg Ii Minot
4th Lonesome Dove Sam Abdallah Bismarck
5th - 6th Aces-Nehring Minot
5th - 6th Dale And The Titmunks 2 Dickinson
7th - 8th Capri Estrogen With Vengeance Minot
7th - 8th Starving Dartists Dickinson

Open 301 Team



Place Team Name City
Division A
1st Pitter Patter Ii Devils Lake
2nd 3rd St.Chairman Of The Board Ii Rugby
3rd Horseman's Tons Of Bull Ii Belcourt
4th Mandan Eagles Comedy Central Bismarck
Division B
1st Powerhouse Schaf Bismarck
2nd Longshots Smokin' Barrels Hazen
3rd In Dart Shape Dunseith
4th It Doesn't Matter Ii Dunseith
Division C
1st Just Fat Not Furious Williston
2nd Mike's Misfits Ii Parshall
3rd Rusted Rail Shootin' Blanks Washburn
4th Midway Dave Slater Ii Williston
Division D
1st Good Shots Dunseith
2nd Rafter Bar Scum Ii Towner
3rd Midway Tavern Brendel Bismarck
4th Triple Owws Ii Belcourt
5th - 6th Capri Just The Tip Minot
5th - 6th Old Town Tavern Olson Bismarck
Division E
1st Harbors Finest Pochant Washburn
2nd Bismarck Moose Gensburg Bismarck
3rd Midway Byrom Williston
4th Midway Tavern Pulkrabek Bismarck
5th - 6th Old Town Tavern Justin Pool Bismarck
5th - 6th Scapegoat Haff Bismarck
7th - 8th City Limits Tips And Shafts Ii Kenmare
7th - 8th Powerhouse Muscha Bismarck
Division F
1st Ramada Inn Herman Bismarck
2nd Broken Oar Jangula Bismarck
3rd Silver Dollar Larock Bismarck
4th Pour Farm Wick Minot
5th - 6th Sports Page Kelsch Bismarck
5th - 6th Stadium Schneibel Bismarck
7th - 8th Dakota Lounge-Dak Rats Ii Minot
7th - 8th Lucky's Bar Banks Bismarck
Division G
1st Lucky's Bar Deraas Bismarck
2nd DJ's Tavern Zimmer Bismarck
3rd We'd Hit That Ii Hansboro
4th Dakota Lounge-Kubas Ii Minot
5th - 6th Lucky's Bar Hall Bismarck
5th - 6th Scapegoat Dubiel Bismarck
7th - 8th Alibi's Lounge Voegele Bismarck
7th - 8th Elbow Room Mcleod Bismarck
Division H
1st Powerhouse Rose Bismarck
2nd DJ's Tavern Tons Of Bull Bismarck
3rd Captain's Cabin Fiedler Washburn
4th Tumbleweed Bauer Bismarck
5th - 6th O'Brian's Tavern Peterson Bismarck
5th - 6th TNT Tavern Harter Driscoll
7th - 8th 3rd St. Tons & Roses Ii Rugby
7th - 8th The Shop Mohl Williston
Division I
1st Powerhouse Vaughan Bismarck
2nd Sports Den Duhone Ii Williston
3rd Last Call Bar Teske's Terrors Bismarck
4th Lonesome Dove Schneider Bismarck
5th - 6th Last Call Bar Teske Bismarck
5th - 6th Tumbleweed Jose Bismarck
7th - 8th DJ's Tavern Geiger Bismarck
7th - 8th Powerhouse Beauties & The Beast Bismarck
Division J
1st Alley Cat Top Shelf Parshall
2nd Elbow Room Wood Bismarck
3rd O'Brian's Tavern Deichert Bismarck
4th Scapegoat Knoll Bismarck
5th - 6th Puthy Cats Minot
5th - 6th Vicky's Bar Anderson Bismarck
Division K
1st Dale And The Titmunks Dickinson
2nd 4Mile Elegantly Wasted Ii Williston
3rd Colonial Lounge Rockstars Bismarck
4th Lucky's Bar S'Mores All Day Bismarck
5th - 6th DJ's Tavern Carlson Bismarck
5th - 6th No Place Jill Williston


 Women's 301 Team


Place Team Name City
Division A
1st Mckay/Gillis/Demarce/Shaw Devils Lake
2nd Horseman'S Mean Girls Ii Belcourt
3rd We'Re Trippin Devils Lake
4th Why So Serious Ii New Town
Division B
1st Midway Tammie Bentz Williston
2nd The Drink Fuchs Bismarck
3rd Here 4 The Cheap Shots Dunseith
4th Horseman'S Bra's-N-Arrows Belcourt
Division C
1st Midway Tina Jensen Williston
2nd Ben'S Tavern-Hiller Minot
3rd O'Brian's Tavern Benson Bismarck
4th 3rd St. Morthering Does Rugby
Division D
1st Lonesome Dove Kalash Bismarck
2nd Nola's Lounge-Streitz Minot
3rd Legion Ladies Williston
4th Lucky Strike Jacobs Minot


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