Scotch Doubles Pool A


Place Names Town
1st Francis Annis & Dean Flanders Grand Forks
2nd Tom Kaminski & Brent Donahue Minot
3rd Brent Hanson & Kevin Hanson Devils Lake
4th Jeremy Dvorak & Ryan Johnson Grand Forks
5th & 6th Mike Gustafson & Damion Johnson Minot
5th & 6th Bill Biberdorf & Layne Opstedal Devils Lake

Open Team Pool A


Place Team Name
1st No Sniveling
2nd Mexiville
3rd Dakota Farm-Farmers
4th Horsemans My Mann
5th & 6th Runners
5th & 6th Sports Den Work It Out Enno
7th & 8th Mighty Mongooses
7th & 8th Sharks-Azure
9th - 12th Minot's Finest Collison Center
9th - 12th Penalty Box Longstrokes
9th - 12th Spot Breakers
9th - 12th The Landing-Donahue
13th - 16th Lucky's Bar Zimmerman
13th - 16th Nellies Whoever
13th - 16th Straightshooters
13th - 16th Vicky's Sports Bar Tipton
17th - 24th 501 Bar & Grill Anderson
17th - 24th Big Dogs-Willms
17th - 24th Corner Bar Dueces
17th - 24th Lonesome Dove Hoger
17th - 24th Lucky's Bar Gierke
17th - 24th Pool Hall Junkies
17th - 24th The Loft Bus Boys
17th - 24th Windsor Bar
25th - 32nd Bismarck Moose Brendel
25th - 32nd Bismarck Moose Fisher
25th - 32nd Dilly Dilly
25th - 32nd Herbeverstanks
25th - 32nd Shotgun Sallys Those Guys
25th - 32nd Spin Doctors
25th - 32nd The Spot Hunter
25th - 32nd Tumbleweed Rebels

Scotch Doubles Pool B


Place Names Town
1st Roland Neuhalfen & Dustin Stenvold Minot
2nd Justin Krieger & Mark Reimers Williston
3rd Travis Vansickle & Donny Toews Grand Forks
4th Tommy Shaw & Kendall Kruse Minot
5th & 6th Toby Delorme & Clifton Erickson Bismarck
5th & 6th Kathy Hanson & Mike Huber Bismarck
7th & 8th Brad Haugen & Colin Jacobson Bismarck
7th & 8th Luis Reinoso & Tim Roberts Minot
9th - 12th Brad Kline & Brad Arne Williston
9th - 12th Dean Smith & Jonathan Mulikin Fargo
9th - 12th Josh Nelson & Ryan Myhra Bismarck
9th - 12th Adam Lambert & Lucas Dahl Minot

Scotch Doubles Pool C


Place Names Town
1st Tyler Spiekermeier & Robby Johnson Fargo
2nd Mitch Bender & Dan Zabel Bismarck
3rd Brad Kallevig & Karla Kallevig Williston
4th Kelly Baker & Casey Deutsch Devils Lake
5th & 6th Devin Jacobson & Ryan Fleck Williston
5th & 6th Killian Weigel & Jesse Splonskowski Bismarck
7th & 8th BJ Stockert & Brad Grimson Bismarck
7th & 8th Paige Lemer & Jason Burnham Bismarck
9th - 12th Amy Williams & Francie Bangen Bismarck
9th - 12th Blaine Fugere & Chuck Willer Devils Lake
9th - 12th Joey Sunde & Justin Pazolt Devils Lake
9th - 12th Gary Hamilton & Russ Wright Dickinson

Open Team Pool B


Place Team
1st Broken Oar Cariveau
2nd Bismarck Elks Haugland
3rd The Stadium Howe
4th Lucky's Bar Johnson
5th - 8th Barley Pop-Cobras
5th - 8th Blind Duck Shaw
5th - 8th Broken Drum Instigators
5th - 8th Sports Den Petty

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