Open Singles 9-Ball Pool


Division A
Place Name City
1st Dean Flanders Grand Forks
2nd Tyler Perry Bismarck
3rd Damion Johnson Minot
4th Brent Donahue Minot
5th & 6th Scott Moe NA
5th & 6th Ryan Johnson NA
7th & 8th Jaeden Jenson NA
7th & 8th Tom Kaminski NA
Division A Consolation
Place Name City
1st Jeremy Slater Williston
2nd Elvie Kaufman Dickinson
Division B
Place Name City
1st Chad Naber Bismarck
2nd Alex Bloms Minot
3rd Joe Hanson Bismarck
4th Roger Domson Bismarck
5th & 6th Jeremy Tipton NA
5th & 6th Tim Debele NA
7th & 8th Wyatt Wilson NA
7th & 8th Maynard Demaray NA
Division B Consolation
Place Name City
1st Lyndon Bloms Minot
2nd Jared Kaufman Dickinson
Division C
Place Name City
1st Patrick Ryan Crosby
2nd Josh Woodward Williston
3rd Scott Wigness Crosby
4th Richard Pease NA
5th & 6th Devin Jacobsen NA
5th & 6th Frank Lonefight NA
Division C Consolation
Place Name City
1st Aaron Enno Williston
2nd Tania Barnhart Williston

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