Open Singles Pool

Place Name Town
1st John Enno Williston
2nd Brent Donahue Minot
3rd Ryan Pegors Bismarck
4th Layne Opstedal Minot
5th & 6th Dave Priddy Bismarck
5th & 6th Rob Fandrich Bismarck
7th & 8th Dean Flanders Fargo
7th & 8th Barry Romo Grand Forks
9th-12th Jon Lund Dickinson
9th-12th Jeff Lundstrom Bismarck
9th-12th Bob Sabrosky Dickinson
9th-12th Clayton Enno Williston
13th-16th Brent Hanson Devils Lake
13th-16th Paul Brink Bismarck
13th-16th Ruben Delacruz Grand Forks
13th-16th Todd Friesz Bismarck
17th-24th Robby Barnes Dickinson
17th-24th Kent Nauman Dickinson
17th-24th Craig Statoch Dickinson
17th-24th Chad Naber Dickinson
17th-24th Brian Lacount Minot
17th-24th Rick Schroeder Williston
17th-24th Frank Howe Bismarck
17th-24th Todd Haskins Minot
25th-32nd John Fehr Bismarck
25th-32nd Eric Boettcher Dickinson
25th-32nd Jamie Perry Bismarck
25th-32nd Steve Ironroad Bismarck
25th-32nd Dan Fisher Bismarck
25th-32nd Billy Stanley Sherwood
25th-32nd Kurt Schmidt Bismarck
25th-32nd Gary Heidecker Dickinson

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