Open Singles 9-Ball Pool

Division A
Place Name Town
1st Dean Flanders Fargo
2nd Laramie Kepjin Blsmarck
3rd Brent Hanson Devils Lake
4th Todd Haskins Minot
5th & 6th Mike Gustafson Minot
5th & 6th Layne Opstedal Rugby
7th & 8th Stacy Kellar Blsmarck
7th & 8th Scott Nelson Stanley
9th-12th Tyier Perry Blsmarck
9th-12th Dana Rathjen Blsmarck
9th-12th Mike Biberdorf Rugby
9th-12th Lewis Vanpert Williston
Division B
Place Name Town
1st Brent Donahue Minot
2nd Rick Schroeder Williston
Division C
Place Name Town
1st Jerry McDowelt Dickinson
2nd Wayne Kem Dickinson

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